Invited - by Ben Bonython

Jesus called out to them,
“Come, follow 'me', and I will show you how to fish for people!”

Mark 1:17

The calling of ordinary people to follow Jesus was profound if we consider but just two factors:

  1. These ordinary people were just applying their trades and living their lives, perhaps because their family circumstance meant they were not able to become part of the religious elite, perhaps their past disqualified them, or maybe they were not in the top 10% of academic performers.
  2. And that these ordinary people left their work and followed immediately.  They gave up their jobs and careers and financial security.  They gave up their feelings about looking after their own families and continuing the family business. They left to follow.

But perhaps the overarching consideration was the 'me'.

Jesus was the 'me'.  'Come follow me.'

Some about this 'me' was worth following, worth risking, worth joining and worth being a disciple of.  And nothing has changed today.

When Jesus invites us to follow Him, when you grasp that 'me' fully, you too will have a decision make - to give up your life and follow....or stay with the fish.  These ordinary people followed because when the 'me' invites you, to follow is the only action that makes sense.