Healing at the Pool - by Jeff Byerley

Bible Study / John 5.1-15 Healing at the Pool - read the passage here

  • Every miracle of Jesus is amazing..
  • This one made us even more struck with wonder.

The Healing Pool

  • God had provided a healing pool at at Jerusalem.
  • (The "gentle flowing waters of Shiloah" - Isaiah 8:6?)
  • Verse 4 was apparently  not in the original text.
  • It seems to have been added to provide explanation.
  • But the rest of the passage supports the view that the pool had healing qualities.

38 Years

  • We were also struck that this invalid man had been waiting 38 years (v.5).
  • As a person most in need, Jesus graciously healed him.
  • Jesus later tells him "Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you (v.14)."
  • So the sickness was brought about by sin and he he was still so inclined.
  • (Deut. 2:14 speaks of the Israelite's being in the desert for 38 years!)
  • In our prayers we acknowledged that we may wait a long time for healing.

Motives of the Healed Man

  • Jesus did not say to keep his healing quiet.
  • But he immediately informed the Jewish authorities of Jesus' identity.
  • Was this man knowingly committing an evil deed as some assert?
  • Matthew Henry argues that we cannot make that assertion.
  • In Acts 3:8 the healed lame man went walking and jumping in the Temple!
  • It caused controversy with the Jewish authorities.
  • Yet it was used for demonstrating God's glory.
  • So also here as  we will see next week.
  • Indeed, Jesus commanded the invalid man to arise, pick up his mat and walk.
  • Picking up his mat (on the Sabbath) was bound to cause controversy!