Welcome to our community we know as Church.  Our heart is to be a generational Church of the nations.  Everything we do aims to share Jesus and become more like Jesus.  You are welcome - all ages and stages of life!


About Jesus

We invite you to know who Jesus is and experience what it means to follow Him.  We can share many stories of the good news working in lives of people who encounter the living God.

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Our Church

Our Church is not a building, but people who have chosen to be thankful for what Jesus has done and together, make a difference in our community and the world.

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What to expect?

Our services start at 10am and usually finish at 11.30am.

Feel free to sit anywhere you like.  Our gathering begins with a few songs where the words are shown on the media screen followed by Communion.

Communion includes gluten free bread and grape juice helping us share in remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus.  You are welcome to join with us, or free to let communion pass.

During some brief notices, people are given an opportunity to give and this is something we do freely and without compulsion.  Primary school aged children are invited to a kids program where they learn about Jesus and do practical activities and games.

Our kids program is run by people who love kids, are child safe trained, and are police checked.

The message follows usually taking around 30 minutes were we are encouraged with practical thoughts from the Bible.

Following the service, we serve tea and coffee and friendly chat.  If you have time, we would enjoy getting to know you.

We welcome you to our Church!


Find us



10am Sunday Service

88 Lockwood Road Burnside SA 5066


08 8333 1700

Enter carpark from Nilpinna Street

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Kids Club

BF Youth

Young Adults


Connect Groups



Kids Club

Kids Club was established over 25 years ago and is supported by Burnside Family Church.  We want to make a positive contribution to the lives of the children in our community.  Our hope is that being a safe space for children, Kids Club will be a great place for families to connect creating genuine and authentic community.

Friendship, Fun & Food!

When you arrive, you will experience being warmly welcomed into our Church.  The next thing you should sense is friendship and fun being prepared for the children!  Then the smell of food being prepared.  Family is important to us and we trust you feel like family at Kids Club.

When does it happen?

5.15 – 7.15pm Friday evenings and Parents can sign in their child(ren) from 5pm.  The Club commences Week 2 through to the 2nd last week of school term

What happens?

Club time is broken into three parts:

  1. Shared stories, music, drama and a presentation about Christian beliefs and values
  2. Shared meal together
  3. Age specific FUN activities

What age can attend?

Kids Club is open to all primary school aged children.  Children from Year 6 and up are free to attend Youth Group which starts at 6.30pm.  A number of youth attend the first half of Kids Club and then move into the Youth Group activities.

Is there a cost?

$3 per child.  $2 for each additional child within the same family.


BFY Youth Group

We invite young people to join us and be yourself.
Each young person is encouraged to grow, build great friendships and become everything they can be.
We believe that young people are more capable than we think, more daring than we imagine and more willing than we allow.  Our young people have the hope of reaching their generation with the gospel.
Check out our Facebook Group for more details (parents, please join our Facebook Group too!).

Some info about our youth group:

  • Each Friday night

  • Youth are welcome from Year 6 and up

  • We start at 6.30pm and finish at 9.30pm

  • Lots of activities inhouse and going out

  • Most events cost $2

10:40 Sunday Group

On the 2nd and last Sunday of each month, during the Church Service, we organise a discussion group called 10:40 Group.  This group invites Year 7 and High School students to attend and learn about Christian Foundations, and discuss what it means to follow Jesus in High School.  10:40 meets at the rear of the dining hall during the message.


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Young Adults

Young Adults at Burnside Family Church are those who are at university, working and newly married.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Matthew 6:21

We value gathering together encouraging one another and learning about what the Bible teaches. We believe that we are the Lord's treasure so we want to live for Him in every area of our lives. 

Young Adults meet most fortnights on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and would love to have you join them.


Connect Groups

Our Church promotes connect groups where individuals, couples and families can meet together in community.  We meet on fortnightly on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  We believe in connect groups because:

  • Together we meet God through the Bible (Ps 19:9-11, 2 Peter 1:3-4)  You will have time to understand the bible better, ask questions and explore different points of view and experiences
  • We make consistent time to know and serve each other (Heb 3:12-13)  You will slowly feel like you are a part of God's family by being with each other and supporting each other.
  • We have time to pray and depend on the Lord (Phi 4:6-7)  Prayer in connect groups tend to be intimate and everyone has the chance to prayer.
  • It helps us to remain accountable as disciples of Jesus (Acts 1:8)   You get to share the stresses and troubles of life with others, and encourage each other in serving the Lord and being faithful.


If you want to join a Connect Group, please feel free to contact us!


A mob over sixty

AMOS is a short for A Mob over sixty, although some younger attend too!

Our purpose is to enjoy a sense of community and have fun. AMOS usually meets on the last Saturday of the month from 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm. We gather in the church hall, or sometimes at someone’s home, or an outing all followed by a delicious Afternoon Tea.

Our gatherings cater for all levels of fitness and mobility.  Our oldest member reached over 100 years!  Past outings have included Wittunga Botanic Gardens, Virginia Nursery, The Menz FruChocs Shop, Beaumont House, Melba’s Chocolates, Warrawong Sanctuary and Lawn bowls.  We also take opportunities to hear visiting speakers including visiting missionaries from Brazil, Turkey, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Activities have included celebrating big “0” birthdays, Olympic Games, Chinese New Year, Royal Weddings, ANZAC Day, Christmas, etc.  We often run with themes such as Minute to Win It, Pizza making, Collector’s Day, Model Trains, Indian culture and cooking, Favourite Bookmark, Back to Primary School, Games Afternoon and sharing a Letter we treasure are all examples.

If you are interested in joining this select group of individuals for wonderful escapades, fun and community, keep the afternoons of the last Saturday of the month free.  Feel free to check our Church Calendar for AMOS event information. 

Good Games.jpg

Board Games are our GoodGames

Board games have been around for a long time.  The combination of strategy and chance added to people is what make board games so much fun.

We sit around a table together teaching and playing 'good' board games and this is what makes our name GoodGames.  We welcome you to join our table and be part of the GoodGames community.

Each time we gather, we encourage participants to make a donation with the aim to purchase a collection of games over time.  We also invite people to BYO munchies and snacks and ofcourse bring along their games.

We meet monthly on from 7.30pm on a Friday Night.

Board Game.jpg