Jesus & Abraham - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus stated v.56 that "Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day".
Some see this in Gen. 12:3; 15:8-21; 22:1-19.
But really it is enough that Jesus states this.
The Jews dispute that Jesus is greater than Abraham.
Then Jesus declares "before Abraham was I AM".
The Jews attempted to stone Jesus but he hid himself and went out of the Temple.

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Jesus Light of the World - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus explains he is also the light of life. Jesus is the very light of God come among men; and Jesus is the light, which gives people life. A flower can never blossom when it never sees the sunlight. So our lives can never flower with the grace and beauty they ought to have until they are irradiated with the light of the presence of Jesus Christ

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Most precious - by Mignon Young

My mother was capable, always made things look easy.  Nothing was too hard.  She knew the value of being a mother even when things were bleak, difficult or meaningless.  She had a higher calling.  Her God-given job as a mother was important.
I think of my mum as being sacrificial, selfless, caring, loving, mentor, guide and advice giver (even when not wanted), protector, shelter (through the storms of life), giving, and faithful in prayer.

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I am your share - by Ben Bonython

Every time you say no to temptation and no to sin, you make a sacrifice.  Every time you say yes to generous giving and giving up your time and resources to serve others, that is a spiritual sacrifice.  Every time your actions 'cost' you something here on this earth, that is a sacrifice of spiritual consequence.  So because of this, as ones who belong to this holy priesthood, what have a different value system and thought process about 'land' and 'wealth',  We realise that for us, Jesus is our share, Jesus is our portion and our inheritance. 

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Heaven to Earth - by Jeff Byerley

The people knew that the authorities intended to kill Jesus. Earlier they declared him to be demon-possessed for expressing such thoughts! The Messiah was identifying himself as Saviour, yet the people refused to be saved. The opposition attempted to arrest Jesus. But their plans failed as his time had not yet come. The religious leaders were breaking the very laws they professed to uphold

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Staring at Jesus is not Rude - by Elizabeth Reynolds

One day when I was riding in the back of the car beside my baby girl watching her staring up at me - again - constantly, it struck me. This is how Jesus wants us to look at him. Staring. Without blinking. It’s not rude. It’s not awkward. It’s a child looking up at its parent with total trust, a feeling of total comfort, confidence and reassurance.

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Testimonies to Jesus - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus was attacked by the religious leaders for healing on the Sabbath. Then he was attacked for claiming to be the Son of God. Jesus explained his relationship with his Father. Jesus declared that he would judge the dead whom he would raise.But his (and our) work meanwhile is also to Wake the Dead (the spiritually dead).

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Why worry... - by Ben Bonython

My mind had moved quickly from misplaced wallet to stolen wallet - i was already worrying about tomorrow, when really, there was no need.  I was feeling stressed about tomorrow when it was all in my head.  Today has enough troubles yet i had begun to fill my head with tomorrows troubles also.

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