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Facing the Cross - by Jeff Byerley

In verses 35-36 Jesus is indicating that his light has been shown by his words and actions on earth.  We are to make the most of his light for our lives.  If we neglect it and lose our way, we will stubble about in the darkness.  It is a familiar theme throughout his ministry (Cf. John 11:9-10).  But these people had rejected Jesus' light.  It was fitting therefore that Jesus departed and was hid from them.

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Anointing and Triumphant Entry - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus came to the home of Martha, Mary & Lazarus at Bethany.
Bethany was one of the authorized towns that numerous Passover pilgrims could stay at.
We were struck by the loving welcome given to Jesus by this family.
Martha served, Lazarus gave table fellowship and Mary anointed Jesus' feet with very expensive perfume.
The thief and later betrayer, Judas Iscariot, did not give a loving response.
Jesus defended Mary as the anointing was a fitting gesture for his burial.
Jesus made the point that we always will have the poor but not his physical presence.
This is an extra inspiration for us to help the poor .

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In His Hands - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus was challenged by the Jews to declare who he was. Jesus replied that he had already stated this, but they did not recognize his voice because they were not his sheep (v.26), a terrible eternal indictment of them.  Then Jesus makes the following declarations about himself and his Father:

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guarantor - by Ben Bonython

We are a guaranteed people who live this life with the utmost confidence.  We are a community who knows the favour of God.  Each one of us brings unique gifts, talents, capacities and passion and together as the body of Christ, we make a difference in the world for the sake of the Gospel.

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Will the blind see? - by Jeff Byerley

What a brave soul the blind man was to stand up to the corrupt Pharisees, knowing that he would in all likeliness, be “cast out”.  That is he was excommunicated from the synagogue and society.  Yet his eyes were opened both physically and spiritually, unlike the Pharisees, who chose to remain blind to Jesus and his teaching.  Moreover, although uneducated and untrained, he was alert to the basics of true religion and this infuriated the Pharisees.  He is a great example for us to follow.  He opens our eyes that we can all testify to the truth of Jesus in our own words.

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Jesus & Abraham - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus stated v.56 that "Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day".
Some see this in Gen. 12:3; 15:8-21; 22:1-19.
But really it is enough that Jesus states this.
The Jews dispute that Jesus is greater than Abraham.
Then Jesus declares "before Abraham was I AM".
The Jews attempted to stone Jesus but he hid himself and went out of the Temple.

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Jesus Light of the World - by Jeff Byerley

Jesus explains he is also the light of life. Jesus is the very light of God come among men; and Jesus is the light, which gives people life. A flower can never blossom when it never sees the sunlight. So our lives can never flower with the grace and beauty they ought to have until they are irradiated with the light of the presence of Jesus Christ

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Staring at Jesus is not Rude - by Elizabeth Reynolds

One day when I was riding in the back of the car beside my baby girl watching her staring up at me - again - constantly, it struck me. This is how Jesus wants us to look at him. Staring. Without blinking. It’s not rude. It’s not awkward. It’s a child looking up at its parent with total trust, a feeling of total comfort, confidence and reassurance.

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Like Little Children Part 1 - by Elizabeth Reynolds

And I understand well why Jesus said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus calls us to be childlike. But why? There are many things about children that we can disregard. Things like tantrums, selfishness, immaturity, lack of wisdom... but there are also many things about children that we should seek after.

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On Mission with Jesus - by Ben Bonython

Jesus went all the way to cross - He counted the cost and He was prepared to pay.  And His resurrected life is now offered freely to all.  Jesus offered His life, like seed scattered by a farmer, freely and willingly.  Jesus did not reconsider giving His life based on results, that is, our acceptance of His salvation.  Rather Jesus made every preparation to help us be His disciples - Jesus has a plan and a purpose for our lives, and He does call us to live with intention and faith, building and provisioning for others who we invite to join Jesus on the Road. 

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