Time for Reflection - by Ben Bonython

There are many moments throughout an average day that were once occupied by the process or the space to think, or observe, or reflect.  Like the old days when you went for a walk without an iPod, or sat with a cup of tea in the sunroom, or maybe waking up in the morning to first think, and reflect before doing anything else.  Maybe spending 15 minutes before drifting to sleep just to think and reflect...but today, the last thing we do is check the iPhone for messages or Facebook feeds or watch the late night news.

Today, we find ourselves watching more YouTube than ever and picking up the iPad to surf the internet or listen to a podcast.  Today, even in the shower or toilet, you can turn on your water proof radio.  Is there any place left for that time to be alone with your thoughts?  It seems that any quiet time becomes sleep time!

So whatever happened to quiet?  What happened to time for reflection?

Finding moments to engage in contemplative thinking has always been a challenge, but today more than ever, we struggle to create space in our lives for reflection.  Some argue that we are no longer comfortable with ourselves, with quiet, with time and space to reflect.  Some argue that if we were to honestly reflect on the truth that comprises of our lives, we would not like the reflection we see.

But the more important question is balancing time in looking inwards, at ourselves and our circumstances...with looking at God.  What does God say about me? What does God say about this situation? What does God ask me to do?

Time to stop and just think about God.  This week, take a moment. Create a habit. Start something new - a new time and space to stop, and think and reflect upon the Lord.