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Like Little Children Part 2 - by Elizabeth Reynolds

And I understand well why Jesus said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus calls us to be childlike. But why? There are many things about children that we can disregard. Things like tantrums, selfishness, immaturity, lack of wisdom... but there are also many things about children that we should seek after.

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On Mission with Jesus - by Ben Bonython

Jesus went all the way to cross - He counted the cost and He was prepared to pay.  And His resurrected life is now offered freely to all.  Jesus offered His life, like seed scattered by a farmer, freely and willingly.  Jesus did not reconsider giving His life based on results, that is, our acceptance of His salvation.  Rather Jesus made every preparation to help us be His disciples - Jesus has a plan and a purpose for our lives, and He does call us to live with intention and faith, building and provisioning for others who we invite to join Jesus on the Road. 

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Prove to the world - by Ben Bonython

The faith required by this command is a world changer. Jesus makes a promise to us saying that we will prove to the world that we are His disciples - in other words the way of Jesus will be so radical, the world will take notice and be challenged.  When we actually believe we are in Christ, what else really matters?  Only His Kingdom matters.  Why do we make choices that honour Jesus and His life? Because He first loved us, and now, everything else matters far less finding its proper place under Christ.  Our values, choices and lifestyle become transformed by Jesus, and are being changed by following Jesus.

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