Testimonies to Jesus - by Jeff Byerley

Bible Study - John 5:31-47 Testimonies to Jesus.

Jesus was attacked by the religious leaders for healing on the Sabbath. Then he was attacked for claiming to be the Son of God. Jesus explained his relationship with his Father. Jesus declared that he would judge the dead whom he would raise.But his (and our) work meanwhile is also to Wake the Dead (the spiritually dead).

5;31-47 Testimonies to Jesus

1. The Father's Testimony:

  • In verses 31-32 Jesus declines to testify on his own behalf but another does.
  • This is the Father identified in verse 37, who testifies by His voice.
  • (See Matthew 3:17 "This is my beloved Son ...").

2. John the Baptist's Testimony (v.33-35) - John was a Levite (John 1:5).

3. The Testimony of Jesus Works(v.36-37).

4. The Testimony of Scripture (v.38-40).

  • (Consider Gen. 3:15, Isaiah 7:14, 40:3-5, 49:6 & Mal 3:1).
  • A shameful rebuke for these leaders.
  • They prided themselves on their Biblical knowledge!

5. The Testimony of Moses (v.45-47). (Cf Matt 17:3 & Luke 16:31)

  • A stinging rebuke as Moses, the law giver was their hero.
  • We noted that it was a battle of the will.
  • V.43 They will not accept Jesus  but they will accept the words of another!