Authority of the Son - by Jeff Byerley

Bible Study - John 5.16-30 The Authority of the Son

This passage is most profound, and it is a privilege to study and discuss.

16-18 The attack changes from working on the Sabbath to claimed equality with God.

  • We noted v.17 "My Father is always at his work .."
  • A great comfort when we pray but we don't know what is happening!

V.19-30 In this profound passage Jesus says 3 times "Very truly I tell you".

  • He does not deny that he is the divine Son of God.
  • Indeed, he explains the relationship as follows.

V. 19 He sees the Father doing and can only do what the Father shows him.

  • Jesus will do greater things than healing a lame man.

V.20 For the Father loves the Son.
V.21. The Son like the Father will raise people from death to life.
V.22 The Father has appointed the Son to judge mankind.
V.23 people are to honour the Son as the Father.

  • Those who do not honour the Son do not honour the Father.
  • (This was a stinging rebuke to the Jews)

V.24 Those who hear Jesus' word and believe have eternal life (already).

  • This is the key verse and sums up the whole gospel.

V.25 The time had come when the dead who hear the voice of the Son of God will live.

  • Note only God could bring to life those who had died.
  • Yet here Jesus is talking about those who are alive physically, but dead spiritually.

V.26 The Son has life in himself as does the Father (again co-equal).
V.27 He has authority to judge because he is the Son of Man. (Dan. 7:13)

  • (Jesus was truly human, born, he lived and died faithful to the Father.)

V.29-30 Jesus will also resurrect the dead from their graves.

  • The good to life but the evil to face judgement.
  • Jesus will judge only as He hears from His Father.
  • The Good will not be judged
  • Yet Jesus emphasises twice, He can do none of these things himself but only in unity with the Father (v.19, 30).

We discussed who are the "good"?  Those who hear the word of Jesus and believe (v.24).
If they truly believed, then their faith would be evident from their good deeds, (though not perfect).