What are your weapons? - by Elizabeth Reynolds

While reflecting on the life of King David, there is so much to learn. So much of his life that reveals things to us about God. One thing is: that because it was David who was anointed as king and not any of his older brothers, it tells us that God looks on the inside of us, rather than the outside. He sees our heart, not our good looks. Another thing it teaches us about is humility and endurance. David would have been teased a lot being the youngest and a simple shepherd boy, yet perhaps he was the closest out of all his family to God. Sitting out there in the fields all day long, he had a lot of time to reflect and spend time with God. And out of his job as sheep-looker-after-er, he received the special revelation that God is our Good Shepherd. That just like a shepherd leads his sheep to green pastures and quiet waters, so our God looks after us and protects us – as though with a rod and shepherd’s staff.

What makes me believe David was closest to God more so, is the fact that he alone had the faith that he could defeat Goliath. His faith was astounding, thinking a boy like himself could defeat such a huge warrior just because this so called warrior was defying the God of Israel.

David didn’t really give it a second thought. He couldn’t understand why everyone was so afraid. God had saved them in the past. God was the one true living God who passionately loved His people. You see, David had this picture of God. That He prepares a table in the presence of our enemies and lifts our heads higher than them, and that even when we walk through the valley of death, God is with us and we will not fear.

Even when David tried on Saul’s armour, he knew it just wasn’t him. Yes he had fought off lions and bears to protect his sheep before, but he also knew that he had to face the giant without any pretence. Without hindrance or guise. Plus, God was on his side. Why should he fear?

Now the weapons David chose were not swords, bows, arrows, axes... he chose five smooth stones from a stream and his little slingshot to put them in. Now I don’t know what the significance there is in the five or whether there even is one. But does it matter? He only used one in the end, but this wasn’t the only thing he used to defeat Goliath. I think if some random had gone in there and used one smooth stone, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. Not without David’s other weapons that he took onto the battlefield that day.

And what were they? Well, they were his faith, his courage, his on-fire passion for God, his humility, and of course... God Himself, and all the roaring Holy-Spirit power of heaven that comes with Him. His five stones. His five spiritual weapons. Yes, he took off Goliath’s head afterward with Goliath’s own sword, but this was only after the miracle of defeat had been accomplished.

When faced with a powerful, scary giant that no one else wanted to face, it’s important to remember those weapons David used. Faith, courage, a heart for God, humility, and God Himself. David said to Goliath confidently, “You come at me with a sword and spear? Ha! I come to you in the name of the Lord God Almighty!” Honestly, who could stand a chance against that? When we understand who God is like David did, our enemies also don’t stand a chance.

So the question is, what are your weapons? When you’re facing your giants. When you’re facing something scary, frustrating or seemingly impossible. When you have a hard situation up ahead or when someone is constantly at you. When the devil is trying to destroy you... what are your weapons?

Are they cursing words, hurtful words? Are they kicks, punches, violent or verbal outrages? Is your weapon manipulation, deceit, cunning passive aggression, scheming revenge, exclusion, reclusion, withdrawal from the world, bitter thoughts? Do you put up walls and bars around your heart so nothing can come close to you?

Or is your weapon the Lord God Almighty – no matter what the circumstance? Will you come against the enemy confidently with spiritual weapons? Boldly running towards it knowing you have the power of heaven behind you. Ours is a spiritual war, not a physical one like the one back in David’s time between the Israelite's and the Philistines. We need to fight it with the right weapons. Just as God equipped David with his humility and faith during his shepherding years, and perhaps provided those lions and bears to practice on... God can equip and is equipping us – as we hold firm to His Word and promises and stick close to Him in personal reflection and worship.

Don’t put on the heavy, clunky, false armour and don’t use violent, defensive, scheming weapons. Put on the Armour of God, and come against the enemy with your faith, your courage, your love for Him, your humility and most importantly, come against it in God’s awesome and mighty name. And God will do the rest. He is able and willing to protect us and fight our battles because of His wild, untamed love for us. For actually, the true battle is the Lord’s.