Protecting our kids from drugs by Alf Chehade

For a recent Sunday Message, we created 8 step families can take to help keep kids safe from the lure of drugs.

1          Know your child’s friends.      1 Cor 15:33    “Evil company corrupts…”

Be nosey, cross examine them, be very discriminating about their friends.

2          Build meaningful relationships with your kids.

            Love them unceasingly. A time comes when authority is replaced by relationship.

3          Teach them God’s word.    Prov 22:6“Train up”    2 Tim 1:5   “Lois, Eunice”

They need a personal faith, not a second-hand faith.

Utilize the home, the church, the school, home fellowships, youth group.

4          Establish limits and guidelines.   Romans 7:7   “Had not known sin without the Law”

            Draw clear lines in the sand about what is and is not acceptable “in this house”.

            Make sinning a deliberate, calculated, thought-through , choice.

5          Help your kids to set goals.     Prov 29:18   “Without a vision, people perish”

            They need to be “going somewhere” with their life.

6          Pray constantly for your kids.      Prov 21/1  “The king’s heart is in the Lord’s hands”

            There are limits to our own parenting skills.

            Contrary to our popular belief, we parents are not omniscient.

7          Be a good example.   Eph 4:25 to 32   “Therefore, put away lying…”

            Much of Christianity is caught rather than taught.

            Actions do speak louder than words.

8          Don’t expect perfection.    2 Cor 4:7“We have this treasure in earthen vessels..”

            We are ALL human. That means our kids are too.

            Our homes are to be havens of love, grace and forgiveness.