Listen to Proverbs


You can listen to each chapter of Proverbs below, or download them and load the mp3's onto your computer, phones and tablets.

According to the 1st chapter (1:1–7), Proverbs was written to give “prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young” (1:4), and to make the wise even wiser (1:5).

Solomon was a young leader who was asked by God for anything…He asked for wisdom. While Solomon was far from perfect – he asked for a good thing.  Our prayer is that as junior leaders, you ask the Lord for wisdom so that you may live and lead wisely.  (Read 1 Kings 3:5-15, 2 Chronicles 1:1-13)

Wisdom is good for life, and important for leaders.  Listen to proverbs and get wisdom.  And read along in your bible, or use the below link to read them online in whatever version you prefer.  You can also download the reflection booklet here to.