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Serve the Living God // Hebrews 9 // Hebrews Series

The new covenant of Jesus fulfilled the old covenant and the law. The old ways to cover our sin is finished. We no longer wear animal skins from Genesis 3 nor participate in annual atonement ceremonies.

Jesus offers us something greater than actually cleanses our conscience. Our conscience cleansed from sin, we now can serve God.

The challenge is to let go of the things that cause us guilt and stress and anxiety, but that we live into faith and serve God.

Jesus is greater…

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Is Jesus really greater? // Hebrews 8 // Hebrews Series

Johan Roux shares on Hebrews 8. Hebrews is one of the most neglected books – least read. The theme of Hebrews, quite simply, is “the absolute supremacy of Christ—a supremacy which allows no challenge, whether from human or angelic beings. Jesus really is greater! This book answers a question that has been asked through the ages…is Jesus really greater? And it answers it with the strongest ‘Yes!’ possible for its audience. Jesus is greater….

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Choice // Hebrews 7 // Hebrews Series

This week, Ben Bonython on Hebrews 7 which speaks about the High Priest Melchizedek and Jesus. The writer builds an argument around how Jesus is greater than the Levitical priesthood using many different angles of argument.

Ultimately, the writer is inviting the Hebrews to make a choice between the previous ways of thinking and living and culture, and Jesus.

In your life, when you face a choice, big or small, hard or easy, which do you choose? Do you choose Jesus? If the writer of Hebrews was writing to us, that would be the summary of Chapter 7 - that Jesus is greater than any other option we can choose…..Choose Jesus.

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