Kids Club

Kids Club was established over 25 years ago and is supported by Burnside Family Church.  We want to make a positive contribution to the lives of the children in our community.  Our hope is that being a safe space for children, Kids Club will be a great place for families to connect creating genuine and authentic community.

Friendship, Fun & Food!

When you arrive, you will experience being warmly welcomed into our Church.  The next thing you should sense is friendship and fun being prepared for the children!  Then the smell of food being prepared.  Family is important to us and we trust you feel like family at Kids Club.

When does it happen?

5.15 – 7.15pm Friday evenings and Parents can sign in their child(ren) from 5pm.  The Club commences Week 2 through to the 2nd last week of school term

What happens?

Club time is broken into three parts:

  1. Shared stories, music, drama and a presentation about Christian beliefs and values
  2. Shared meal together
  3. Age specific FUN activities

What age can attend?

Kids Club is open to all primary school aged children.  Children from Year 6 and up are free to attend Youth Group which starts at 6.30pm.  A number of youth attend the first half of Kids Club and then move into the Youth Group activities.

Is there a cost?

$3 per child.  $2 for each additional child within the same family.