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Meet French connect leaders: Christian & Patricia


Bonjour from Patricia & Christian. I was born in Tunisia, and Christian and our three children were born in France. My husband was in the navy and often away, including tour of duties to Kuwait, and various troubled war zones.

In June 1983, we committed our lives to Jesus and since that moment, we faced many challenges as we learned to rely on the Holy Spirit. Because of our faith in the Lord we were rejected by both our families to the point where Christian's parents sued us in court, accusing us of being in a sect. We were questioning ourselves a lot during this time seeking to know how to fulfil the call that God in our hearts. We prayed a lot and were involved in our Church during that time of preparation.

Then receiving an unexpected letter, we were asked to move to the Pacific. For ten years, we lived amongst beautiful coconut trees and white sandy beaches with opportunities to serve with Youth for the Missions and Mercy Ship. Our principle base was around New Caledonia and during this time, my husband left the navy opening the way for the next chapter of availability for the Lord, relocating to New Zealand. In New Zealand, our children became Christians and together, we served the Lord and enjoyed a wonderful time of fruitful ministry. When our son moved to Australia with friends who are now pastors here in Adelaide, we prayed, and felt to move to Adelaide. This move was hard because two of our three children remained behind, and in obedience in moving to Adelaide, we also passed up an offer to Pastor an Islander Church. Moving to Adelaide was move number 17 and country number 4. We faced many disappointments, hurts, rejections, sickness, and accidents, yet God is faithful and continues to provide and lead us from strength to strength. It has now been 10 years in Adelaide. Recently, we finished up with translation work with CBM International but remain involved with overseas mission Bali Life (Compassion) where we try to visit annually.

The arrival of our precious premature granddaughter came with down syndrome and significant health issues so when we can, we jump on plane and support. We miss our children in New Zealand, family in France, friends in New Caledonia and all around the world. We continue to pray and the Lord is faithful with softening and reconnecting us with family. While my Dad still does not want to talk to me, we continue to hope and pray.Christian is working at Lyell McEwin Hospital and I am a student at Tabor College. At home, we run a French Bible Study were we hope to reach French speaking peoples.We are excited and looking to what God has next for us.