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Even greater works - by Ben Bonython

ou wonder if you tried hard enough.  You wonder how your family will feel about their investment into your education and ambitions and sense of failure. You return home to take up fishing, the business of your father and of the village.  The other boys you fish with are more advanced in the trade because have been trying to learn scripture. You can't read the sea as well as others your age, and younger...  And your mind is trapped in a cycle of disappointment as you reflect on what could have always felt you were destined for something else.

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Know Him - by Ben Bonython

hinking about faith leads us to think about Jesus - the one whom our faith is in.  When Jesus says He is the good shepherd, His claim is based on relationship with His creation, us, His sheep!  The Lord's desire for friendship is embedded in the claim "I know my own sheep".  And because Jesus knows us, we know Jesus.  Everything always starts with Christ and His 'knowing relationship' with us first - we are invited into this special relationship.

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