A Fathers encouragement from Hebrews 11 - by Paul Bonython

Chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews has great application and this application speaks to Fathers. Using the the heroes of faith mentioned in the passage, the word Father in an anagram form produces some characteristics of the Fatherhood of God. We ought to study and live by these characteristics as fathers, and become more like Him.

F Good fathers are faithful (v8;17)

Abraham pursued a course, not knowing where the end was! He believed the promises, preserved for their families, and in their trust in God, He provides the things they need for salvation. We should accept the role of spiritual head. This does not mean a BOSS, but the one who takes responsibility for the decisions’ results.

Believe the promises…… But even when there is failure….. God is still faithful.

A Good fathers put faith into action (v22)

Joseph ran from the problematic or potentially sinful situations. Many men have hobbies, like sports, gardening, cars or just enjoy downtime. It is possible that this can lead to being lazy. But in times of crisis, they tend think they can spring into action. However the great danger is that laziness can overtake meaning that they want to spring up, their sprung is all gone! Self discipline is better than allowing laziness to overtake your life.

It’s Godly to work and fix things. Grasp the opportunity to serve your family.

T Good fathers will teach their children (v20)

Jacob had used deception to get what he wanted. It is interesting that what he had allowed in his life’s experience, his own sons exploited to great consequence in what they did to Joseph and the hurt it caused. Fathers teach by example, either good or bad, but should endeavour to show the right life skills in the shed, at home, under the hood, at school, in the sports yard or in business.

These lessons are all better being taught in a friendly environment than being barked or yelled at.

H Good fathers are a source of hope, challenge. Inspiration and future (v27)

Verse 27 says ‘He endured seeing the unseen.’ Hope should have a practical outworking. Fathers should try to recognise their children’s gifts, and train them accordingly, or find a way for them to be taught. It’s always been my hope that my children will all do better than me.

How can we help up the next generation to great heights?

E Good fathers will be, and want to be a good example (v28)

When you want to be a good example, it takes much of the perceived hard work out of being that example. V 28. Moses and the first Passover remains an example that has lasted now completed through Christ.

A good father is a positive example, both in actions and attitudes. The best thing you can do for your children, is to love their mother.

Juvenile children don’t seemingly want much from their Dad, however as they grow and develop, so does reliance and looking toward their Dad grow. Be careful not to be an abesent Father.

A daughter will learn from her father and gain understanding in what to expect and look for in her future husband.

R Good fathers will be reliable (v21)

V 21 Jacob blessed and worshipped the Lord. A father must be reliable, responsible and consistent. Our Adamic father, through his part in sin, has inculcated negative behaviour into us all

But because of Jesus …we can now live past this behaviour. We need to be good fathers, staying vigilant for ourselves and our families.

We need Be Alert!

Take responsibility and act responsibly. We need to lead by good example.

Don’t excuse yourself and blame others.

While it can be said that in modern society, much is lost, we Dads’ must work harder to find the right ways to teach our children. It takes as much time to do less or wrong as it does to do right.

Your influence as a father should not be under-estimated!

A good father, in cooperation with his wife, should try to discuss and develop his/their children faithfully and with a thankful attitude before God, and God will assist us in our endeavors, to make up for our lack.

This further demonstrates the value of Mum’s and Dad’s working together to raise and train the children. It only takes moments to become a biological dad, but it will take a lifetime to be a good father…….

We have no greater example than our heavenly eternal Father who loves us too much to leave us the way we were, but paid the greatest price, and in that maintains His Love, Hope, ambition, vision and inheritance for all who have faith in Him.