Faithful Relationships & Teamwork - by Ben Bonython

1    Be Positive //  Start conversations with good news.  Share something to be thankful for.  Be the first to share something positive and ask others to share some good news.  It costs nothing to create positivity.

2    Only Human //   Mistakes happen.  But that doesn’t make it a premeditated failure.  Believe that people seek to do their best but mistakes can happen, small tasks can be forgotten.  Mistakes are not sin.  But habits of being late often or unprepared, or not helping or not giving your best are issues that need to be addressed.  But let us be careful in communication.  Careful communication makes sure that handling errors are not to shame another into change, but rather to encourage others to grow.

3    Promote Learning  //  People having a go make mistakes and do not perform like pro’s.  But mistakes are a significant opportunity we are given to learn.  Correction is not punishment, but the expression of love and the belief for a better next time!  Any team that is unwilling to make mistakes is basically unwilling to create, learn or grow.  Promote learning…from mistakes.

4    Celebrate the New  //  Sometimes new ideas fail.  Avoid any attitude that anticipates or celebrates failure.  And take note of your heart when it passively resists ‘the new’ based on fears.  But recognise God’s desire for creativity and renewal.  Trying something new should be encouraged.  Encourage people to dream big and take a risk.  And if it fails, look at how to have another go.  Celebrate the new!

5    Take 5 //  Avoid engaging with anger.  Anger turns the most basic issues into major issues.  Anger tends rage against the person rather than the issue.  And anger mostly leads to worse results!  So take time, maybe more time, and calm down.  Avoid dealing with issues when you’re angry.

6    Right Time Right Place //  Some problems, oversights and failures are bigger in consequence, or can be behavioural habits.  These issues need to be addressed.  At the right time, the right place and in private.  So that love is expressed at all times, motivating us to do those good work!

7    Remember People //  People matter more than work!