The thief on the cross - by Manjeera Roy

The thief on the cross

There next to me is this Man

Accusation is that "This Man is King"

They said He saved others but not Himself

They knew not that's this King's mandate.


Just a look at Him my life unfolded,

Sinful, wrenched this cross I deserved,

Yet my salvation through His cross was bought,

Holy, blameless for me He is slaughtered.


I see in this Lamb, the face of the Lion,

Head of thorns, crowned with many crowns 

Nail pierced hands holding a sceptre,

At His wounded feet , bowed every creature.


I bow before Him and worship this Lord,

Just to be remembered when His kingdom comes,

With arms opened wide He embraced me, a thief,

Now a prince in paradise with my Lord Himself.


Thankful to Jesus for what He has done,

This is my story, please hear everyone”.


-Manjeera Roy