A prayer for generous living - by Jeff Byerley

This prayer was written in the 15th Century by Thomas Kempis who so beautifully speaks of God's generosity.  I leave it with you to encourage you in prayer, and generosity.

O Fountain of love unceasing, what shall I say concerning You? 
You have shown mercy to Your servant beyond all hope; and have exhibited, favour and loving-kindness beyond all that is deserved. 
What return shall I make to You for this grace? 
Behold, all things are Yours which I have and whereby I serve You. 
And yet contrariwise You rather serve me than I You.
Behold!  Heaven and earth, which You have created for the service of humankind, are ready at hand and to daily perform whatever You have commanded. 
And this is too little; nay, even angels have You appointed to minister to us. 
But what excels all this is, that You yourself have vouchsafed to serve us and have promised that You would give Yourself to us.
My brothers and sisters in Christ, may we go from here with that same mind of Jesus to serve God and our neighbours.
And in his sacred name we pray this, Amen.